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What have I been doing on the site?

15 September 2011: Added the Geography Stamper page giving essay advice to pupils whose essays have been marked using the Essay Stamper. 40 mins approx

13 July 2011: Structural rebuild of home page and some page structures. Preparing to migrate site to a different host. 200 mins approx

04 June 2011: Added GeoLink to place learning website.  Ask a Geologist. 8 mins

12 May 2011: Added GeoLink to place learning website.  12 mins

6 May 2011: Built new TG Online module. Beefing up you Geography Project.  130 mins

3 May 2011: Added blank page called the App Page, accessed by iPad/iPod button at bottom of page. This page will contain a list of Apps you should consider to have on your Apple portable device for school. There are probably similar apps available on Android.  30 mins

27 February 2011: Added TG Online Australian Flooding Worksheet and added link to ABC site providing interactive satellite imagery.  30 mins

16 February 2011: Restructured site bringing TG Online to the front page. Rationalised content, updated navigation, changed ‘tag cloud’ to ‘navigation.’ Thanks to Louis Fabrizio for suggesting that the site might be easier to navigate. 30 mins

30 October 2010: Added YouTube video of Pyroclastic Flows on Mt Merapi, Indonesia, and a link to the BBC showing more recent devastation. Added TG Online Case Study booklet on Merapi. 120 mins

29 September 2010: Added page on TG Online Economic Activities on MEDCs and LEDCs. 15 mins

29 April 2010: Added new page on Air Masses in TG Online 2, also added link to weather and climate downloadable PDF from third party site on Geolinks.  90 mins

25 March 2010: Added CE Geography Case Study Checklist in TG Online 8.  30 mins

24 March 2010: Added CE Geography Revision Guide in TG Online 8. Also fixed link issue with Colet Port. (Thanks to BW) 60 mins

17 March 2010: Reconnected link with Project Tips on TG Online 8. Added Colet Court portal to wikispace. 60 mins

06 March 2010: Added information about icebergs from WIRED, extraordinary animated satellite imagery of massive glaciers breaking up in climatechagnenews. 30 mins

05 March 2010: Added movies to Online 8 Economic Activites, based on Naomi Klein, added excellent links in geolinks. 60 mins

04 March 2010: Added PDF on Farming (EU and World) and Transport. 60 mins

01 March 2010: Added PDF on drawing good diagrams in Online 8. 180 mins

10 February 2010: Added YouTube videos to Online Economic Activities and supporting PDFs also added animated YouTube plate boundary links to Online Tectonics 120 mins

20 January 2010: Added GeoSafe about geography giving you information that could save your life. 40 mins

15 January 2010: Added GeoLink on Wallwisher. 15 mins

28 December 2009: Created poster on sustainability and added link to other sustainability poster in Online. 30 mins

23 December 2009: Added hit counters on pages, added story about kangaroos on Environment, corrected hyperlinks in GeoLinks. 30 mins

19 December 2009: Added movie about soil salinity to the Online Environment page, and an amazing zoomable image of Prague in Settlement in Motion. 40 mins

13 December 2009: Added many more songs to geotunes (economic activities). Fixed counter on home page not displaying properly under Windows. 90 mins

05 December 2009: Disabled original site and opened full access to new site as ‘come into the workshop.’ Added case study on Sichuan earthquake and rebuilt tag cloud. 90 mins

01 December 2009: Connected Online pages to triage page. Created separate pages for Online.

30 November 2009: Rebuilt navigation cloud. Navigation now operational. Deactivated KnowledgeLink. Created Online Triage.

22 November 2009: Lots of work on basic areas of site, built geotunes and re-engineered podcasts. Re-engineered navigation. Added some documents. Tidied up font issues. Corrected YouTube playing issues. Constructed tech page. Fixed formatting issues. Upgraded Online.