LifeTrips with GoogleEarth



LifeTrips with GoogleEarth is a new website attached to a Wikispace which allows you to look at the lives of people in different cities. Using Google Earth it tracks the day paths of people who live throughout the world and helps people connect with people in their own city, or in a city across the world.

The site can be visited by anyone, though school pupils, in association with their teachers may contribute to the site by registering, and then publishing material to the connected Wikispace pages.

This website provides an index for the Wikispace in which the site’s assets reside.

LifeTrips with GoogleEarth is an invitation to communicate.



LifeTrips with GoogleEarth

Have you ever watched people in the city and wondered who they were and where they were going? LifeTrips is an adventure into another place.

Visit your city, visit another city, investigate and imagine.

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