MakeSweet allows you to paste your pictures into static and animated images and to download the results. Great fun. Fast and easy to use. Added: 090509

voicethread is a ‘threaded discussion’ that records voice and interaction with images. It’s a zone of collaborative communication and reflection. Added: 090509

It’s a good thing that geographers are interested in space because this site allows you to name real galaxies. There are millions to do, so help our scientists out. Added: 280509

Learning some word lists or country lists and want to make them look cool. Wordle makes neat word clouds. It’s worth a look. Try building them with black backgrounds. Added: 251109

Want to make an animation just by using a script and choosing an actor. It’s super simple and very cool. Added: 251109

Instant website and blog. And you don’t even have to register. Just post your stuff to  Added: 251109


WARNING: If you are following these links at home, please seek permission from a parent or guardian. These sites are not run or associated with thinkingeography and are publicly accessible.

Your attention is drawn to these sites for the things that the applications can do, and not mainly for their content.

Therefore, similar to YouTube etc, it is possible that as material is publicly uploaded, some may not be suitable for children. Children, therefore, should be supervised when visiting them, as would be the case with other such sites.

Wall Wisher. Have something to say - you can do so in Wall Wisher. The thinkingeography wall is here:

Added: 150110

Extraordinary imagery from around the world. Some striking imagery of the Haiti earthquake.

Added: 060311

Amazing high resolution images of cities. 18 Gigapixel images. Quite extraordinary. See the image of Prague here. The world’s largest spherical image.

Added: 060311

Excellent teacher produced PDF looking at understanding weather and climate. Supported by DEFRA.

Added: 290410



Website with score based quizzes for learning places.

Added: 120511

The Geological Society has a great ‘as a geologist page.’

Added: 040611

Create MyMaps using Google Maps. Here is a movie showing how. Added: 100312