So you’ve got an essay marked with the essay stamper.

What does it all mean?

  1. 1.Your introduction needs to be stronger: A good geography introduction needs to be bold, clear and interesting. It needs to review the question and give some background information to the question. Show that you know what the question means and that you know how to answer it. You might want to define some of the important words, but don’t do this too much as it will take too much time.

  1. 2.Your conclusion needs to be stronger. A good conclusion needs to draw together the threads of your essay. This means that it should mention briefly the key facts you used in the body of your essay to prove your point. It needs to give a clear answer to the essay question. It is possible that at the end you still have a balanced point of view, but you must show clearly how you reached your conclusion. Don’t add new material here, but make it clear what you have concluded and why.

  1. 3.Your essay needs more facts. Your essay needs to have a lot of information in it. Try not to waffle. Think hard about what else might be relevant. Keep asking yourself, “What else?” Chances are you have more information in your head, you just have to find it.

  1. 4.Your essay needs a better structure. This means that you haven’t organised your ideas very well. You need to bundle your ideas, but you also need to put them in a logical structure and explain yourself well. You might want to connect what you say to maps and or diagrams that you put in your essay.

  1. 5.Your essay needs a diagram or graph. You need to provide some additional visual material in your essay.  You might have added a diagram of weathering, or of a plate boundary etc to show how a process that you have discussed, operates.

  1. 6.Your essay needs a map or location sketch. You might have added a map, for example to show the impact of where places are to help explain your argument.

  1. 7.Your essay needs more examples. You always need evidence to make your point. In some cases the more examples you give the stronger your argument, although you also need lots of arguments or points.

  1. 8.Your essay does not address the question. You seem to have missed the point. Read the question again really carefully. Speak to your teacher to find out what you might have missed.